Hoya Retusa

Hoya Retusa
Hoya Retusa
Hoya Retusa
Hoya Retusa

Hoya Retusa

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Light: It will thrive in medium to bright indirect light.  It can tolerate lower light but will likely produce flowers if placed in brighter light. The more light it receives, the more vibrant the foliage and the more flowers it will produce. 

Water: Hoya when the pot becomes completely  100 % dry. Hoyas require less water in the winter months.

*We recommend  Bottom-watering, sometimes called reverse watering, is when you place a plant in a bowl of water, allowing the soil and roots to soak water from the bottom up. (Naturally, your pot needs to have drainage holes for this to work).

Humidity: Household humidity is ok. 

Temperature : The ideal room temperature for your Hoya is between 60-85 degrees. Avoid drafts and direct air from heating and cooling vents.

Food : For best results, use a general-purpose liquid houseplant fertilizer at half strength once every month during the spring and summer. There is no need to feed your plant in the winter when growth naturally slows. Before applying any form of fertilizer make sure the soil is damp. Never apply fertilizer to dry soil.

Toxicity : Hoyas are non-poisonous to humans and pets.

Tips: When Hoya plants mature, they will produce clusters of star-shaped flowers from their tendrils. Do not remove the spent flower stems or tendrils after your Hoya blooms–it will produce flowers on those stems again the next time it blooms. 

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