Peperomia Luna Grey

Peperomia Luna Grey
Peperomia Luna Grey
Peperomia Luna Grey
Peperomia Luna Grey

Peperomia Luna Grey

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Peperomia are wonderful plants to grow indoors as they have so many features that make them ideal houseplants. With a great variety of beautiful foliage, and tolerating a wide range of growing conditions, they are ideal for anyone looking to expand their collection of houseplants.

Light :Peperomia plants will do best in bright, indirect sunlight. An east or west facing window sill is ideal for them at most times of the year. The only thing to watch for is to ensure they don’t get excessive direct sunlight during the summer months, as this can cause leaf scorching.

Humidity:Many peperomia have succulent characteristics to their leaves, and can therefore tolerate low humidity levels and infrequent watering. This makes them an ideal houseplant, where the humidity levels of many indoor spaces is relatively low.

Water: Water when the 100% of soil is dry and give the plant 3-4 extra days to stay in this condition .

We recommend  Bottom-watering, sometimes called reverse watering, is when you place a plant in a bowl of water, allowing the soil and roots to soak water from the bottom up. (Naturally, your pot needs to have drainage holes for this to work.

Temperature: Between 55-80 F during the day and should not get colder than 55 degrees at night.

Food: Peperomia species have very light fertilizing requirements and you are more likely to have problems if your fertilize too often compared to fertilizing too infrequently.

Toxicity:Thankfully peperomia plants are entirely safe for humans and pets.



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