Pothos Snow Queen

Pothos Snow Queen
Pothos Snow Queen
Pothos Snow Queen
Pothos Snow Queen

Pothos Snow Queen

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A rare pothos variety, Pothos Snow Queen are defined by their unique variegation. The white variegation allows the houseplant to make a bold statement in a room or office space. Beautiful addition to a your plant collection.

Light: It prefers and need bright, indirect light,  A little extra attention to how much light it’s getting when signs of reverting back to green are showing. They do not do well in direct sunlight since the sun will burn the foliage.

Water: Water when the 100% of soil is dry. 

*We recommend  Bottom-watering, sometimes called reverse watering, is when you place a plant in a bowl of water, allowing the soil and roots to soak water from the bottom up. (Naturally, your pot needs to have drainage holes for this to work.

Humidity :This plant will do well in low humidity environments but will thrive with a bit more humidity. Brown leaf tips may indicate the air is too dry.

Temperature :Your Golden Pothos prefers average to warm temperatures, 65-85 degrees.

Food: Feed monthly or every other month in the spring and summer with  a general-purpose indoor plant fertilizer.

Toxic : Pothos are mildly toxic to pets and humans. Typically, ingestion will cause mouth and stomach irritation and possible vomiting.

Tips: Snip stems just above a leaf node; new growth will emerge from this cut and trimming close to the node will also prevent an ugly stub at the site.

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