Sanseveria Jaboa

Sanseveria Jaboa

Sanseveria Jaboa

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In some locations Sansevieria masoniana is content with partial sun and shade or filtered light. While intense, full sun can be too much for these plants. This plant can handle full sun in many places, especially as an indoor plant.

It’s crucial not to overwater Sansevieria masoniana. The whale fin snake plant can handle a slight drought condition better than wet soil.

Watering this plant with lukewarm water is best. Avoid using cold water or hard water. Rainwater is an option if you have hard water in your area.

Use minimal water on the Sansevieria masoniana during dormant seasons. During the warmer months, especially if plants are in bright light, make sure the soil does not dry out. Warm temperatures and heat will dehydrate the soil faster.

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