Sansevieria - Twisted Sister

Sansevieria - Twisted Sister

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These hardy plants remain popular because of their adaptability to a wide range of growing conditions.

Light:Your Snake Plant can tolerate any light level. The brighter the light, the faster it will grow. Always acclimate the plant over a few weeks if moving from indirect to direct light to avoid scorching the foliage.

Water: only when the soil volume is 100% dry. It’s better to err on the dry side. Water thoroughly to encourage a healthy root system and discard any excess water in the saucer.

*We recommend  Bottom-watering, sometimes called reverse watering, is when you place a plant in a bowl of water, allowing the soil and roots to soak water from the bottom up. (Naturally, your pot needs to have drainage holes for this to work).

Humidity: Regular house environment is great fro the plant. No need to mist.

Temperatures: ranging from 55-85°F are fine for your Snake Plant. Warmer temperatures encourage faster growth.

Food:Feed once every six months with a liquid fertilizer for indoor plants.

Toxicity: Snake Plants are toxic to humans and pets if ingested.

Tips:Snake Plants reproduce by growing new plants (or ‘‘pups’’) near the base of the mother plant. To propagate your Snake Plant, carefully remove the leaves and stems of each pup once they become a few inches tall and plant them into a new pot.

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